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Cook's Bay Dental

Welcome to Cook’s Bay Dental where we believe that a healthy beautiful smile is not just for special occasions but something you deserve to enjoy every day with the people you love. Cook’s Bay Dental offers a wide array of dental services to young and old alike in a modern, relaxing and compassionate environment. Our flexible daytime, evening and weekend hours make scheduling an appointment easy and convenient.

At Cook’s Bay Dental, we pride ourselves on making our patient experience of prime importance. We achieve this with:

Friendly and Compassionate Dental Team

We recognize that your smile may not be quite where you’d like it to be at your first visit. Our team takes an encouraging, compassionate and judgement-free approach to treatment. For many people, just taking that first step and coming to your dental appointment is a huge accomplishment. We recognize your effort and look forward to making you feel cared for and comfortable in first discussing, then proceeding with treatment.

Billing Directly to Insurance

Keep the guesswork out of your treatment coverage. We bill your dental insurance directly for your dental treatment whenever possible. See more details in the financing section.

Massage Dental Chairs

Each dental chair in our office features the message feature, ErgoSootheTM so that before, after and even during your treatment, if you so choose, you can relax and feel pampered.

2 TV's in each Treatment Room

Each treatment room displays 2 LED TVs for entertainment and patient education. We can review photos that were taken in your mouth with our intra oral camera, review treatment plans, discuss digital x-rays, or simply enjoy a favourite video or TV show.

Beverage Centre

If you are early for your appointment, waiting for family members to finish up, or just in need of a good cup of Joe, you can help yourself to a warm drink at our beverage centre.


No dental office smell here. Escape to your “happy place” with light, pleasing fragrances throughout our office

Children's Play Area

A place to keep your children entertained while in our reception area. Equipped with activities so your children can read, play and colour so they’re out of your hair and ours. Isn’t that what relaxing is all about?!

Smallest and most Comfortable Digital X-Rays on the Market

Many digital sensors are big, bulky and uncomfortable. Often, dentists are unable to take the diagnostic images needed in patients that have small mouths, strong gag-reflex or extensive periodontal bone loss. We kept this is mind when choosing our digital x-ray system. Our sensors are small, flexible and vary in sizes to fit and accommodate our big and small patients alike.

Specialty Services On-Site

We invite dentists to Cook’s Bay Dental who are passionate about what they do and are able to provide a variety of dental services, including endodontic (root canal), wisdom tooth removal, gum surgery, bone grafting, implants and Orthodontics.

On-Site Denturist

No need to visit a denture clinic for replacing missing teeth. Our Denturist makes time to see you right in our office. Whether you are interested in partial or complete dentures, conventional or implant-supported our experienced denturist works closely with our dentists to achieve a winning result.

Laughing Gas/Nitrous Oxide Sedation

A great option to settle and comfort our slightly nervous patients, very young/first fillings patients, and patients with a strong gag-reflex.

We take the time needed to explain and discuss all treatment and our patients are able to contact Dr. Andrea Mandelbaum Smith directly, anytime!